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(Video)Revealed: Video of pastor shaving a woman’s pubic hair is from a movie scene

(Video)Revealed: Video of pastor shaving a woman’s pubic hair is from a movie scene

Ideal Radio can confirm that the video of a pastor seen shaving the pubic hair of a woman in Church is an excerpt from a TV series.

The over 4 minutes video which was first posted by Mensah Mark, CEO of the Phens Multimedia, on his Facebook page has since gone viral on social media.

Ghanaians who have vehemently condemned the act of the pastor, are also urging the Christian Council to speak on the issue.

Responding to the verbal attacks in an interview with GhanaWeb’s Bernice Owusuwaa, Mensah Mark debunked claims that the video is a scene from a real service at his Church.

“I am a secret investigative journalist as an actor and producer. I bring out people’s experiences. I didn’t see their panties because all of them were wearing jeans under their dresses and skirts. So I didn’t see their panties. But you know, as good movie director…movie is made to believe. I don’t have to film it such a way that people will see it is just a movie,” he confirmed to GhanaWeb today October 12, 2020.

He said that the purpose of his movie is to expose fake Ghanaian pastors and also impact society by sharing people’s experiences through his movies.

“What I do in my movies is a typical example of what others have experienced before. The scene is from a lady’s experience in a Church. She told me, she went to a Church and that is what the Pastor did to her. One also said, a pastor put an orange in between her breasts and was massaging it, and other things. Of which we have shown.”

It can be recalled that Mr Mensah is the same pastor who months ago was also seen taking his bath in a barrel while in his boxer shorts and afterward served his members with the dirty water from his bath.

Mr Mensah boasted to GhanaWeb that, the release of such video got Honourable Kennedy Agyapong and the Speaker of Parliament to speak against pastors who are involved in such activities.

“We have a motive behind all our movies. After releasing the video, the one I was bathing in a barrel and served members with the water, Speaker of Parliament, Honourable Kennedy Agyapong spoke about it. Meaning that everything I do, it is getting the impact and that is what I want. I want them to talk about the fake pastors and what they are doing. The purpose of the movie is supposed to expose fake pastors and their activities.”

He reiterated that he has dedicated his movies to continually expose fake Ghanaian pastors.

“I have dedicated myself as a fake pastor to expose such riots. Even now Homebase TV is showing the movie as a TV Series. It talks about fake pastors and not the real thing.”

In May 2018, this same ‘pastor’ became popular after photos of him emerged of him sniffing a young lady’s panty under the guise of delivering her from spiritual marriage. caught up with the trio in the viral photo – Nana Mensah (Pastor Blinks), Piesie Asamoah Gifty (the lady who removed her panty), and Daniel McCoy (the associate pastor), for an interview. Click here to watch the interview.

Meanwhile, watch the new video below:

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