Your Brain Is At Serious Risk If You Continue  to do These 6 Things.

Your Brain Is At Serious Risk If You Continue to do These 6 Things.

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The brain of the vertebrate is one of the most complex organ in the body that controls all activities that go on in the human body. The nerves, the hormones, the blood and all chemicals in the body cannot function without the presence and proper functioning of the brain. That is the more reason we must take proper care of our brain to avoid sudden breakdown or complications. Please kindly read this article carefully without haste, so you can fully get the information to be passed across.×250&!1&btvi=1&fsb=1&xpc=WqI8q8gBPm&p=https%3A//

Today in this article, I have put together through so many research and experiments 6 Dangerous habit or activities people engage in on a daily basis that puts the brain at risk and if not properly checked and treated can in future time damage the human brain permanently.

6. Smoking of Cigarettes and Hard drugs like cocaine, Indian hemp and marijuana.

Many at times we do see mad people roaming around the streets doing things that makes you pity them, sometimes we do blame village people for their misfortune but I tell you some of them are as a result of taking hard drugs. Research have proven that smoking does not only cause liver or lung damage it also affects the brain. Cigarettes contain addictive nicotine which causes the brain to shrink. Continuous taking of cigarettes and cocaine can lead to brain disorder or permanent damage.

5. Excess Consumption of Sugary Food and Drinks×250&!2&btvi=2&fsb=1&xpc=afc08oHWGH&p=https%3A//

The Excessive intake of sugar for a long period can lead to serious disturbance in the body system and can cause many complications. Excessive Sugar do not only lead to shortage of insulin but also causes malnutrition, which deters brain growth and proper functioning. It happens because our body lacks adequate nutrients in the blood, and hence, it does not deliver enough nutrients to our brain, which in turn, deters its development. Don’t forget that the human brain requires high level of nutrients to function properly and adequately.

4. Listening To Music with Earphones or Headphones at a Very High Volume is Very Dangerous.

If you can agree with me that whenever you are watching a movie or listening to a music on your phone and you try to increase the volume to the highest, the phone will pop out a warning sign that it is dangerous. So unfortunate many people still ignore this warning and go ahead to play music at high volume, it is totally wrong. Listening to music at a very high volume with your earphones or headphones might damage your hearing abilities permanently and also result in some brain problems such as loss of memory.

3. Lack of Proper Sleeping Habit and Excessive Thinking;

It have been Scientifically proven by researchers and scientists that the brain purifies itself of toxins only during the deep sleep cycle. Lack of adequate sleep can cause the death of brain cells, which can lead to impaired memory and reduced abilities. So unfortunate that people overwork their brain during the day and still find it difficult to sleep well at night. it is totally wrong; after the day’s activity, you ought to give time to rest adequately to all your brain relax and function properly.

2. Staying in Poorly Ventilated Room or Environment×250&!3&btvi=4&fsb=1&xpc=9QdPAP15P6&p=https%3A//

It is advisable that we allow our brain use the required amount of oxygen to function properly. The brain requires high level of oxygen to function,according to research and science development, just four minutes seizure of oxygen to the brain leads to death immediately. That is why staying in a poorly Ventilated area for a long period of time can affect the functionality of the brain.

1. Poor Water Intake and Constant Dehydration

Drinking plenty of water will benefit both your body and brain; it also helps the brain to function proper and adequately. So unfortunate many people don’t like drinking water, some only drink water whenever they are thirsty, it is a bad behavior, you drink water at all time not only when you feel dehydrated or thirsty why because all metabolic activities in the body is controlled by water; so the brain needs more water.

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