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What is Christmas to the Mystic Christian?

What is Christmas to the Mystic Christian?

Christmas has been celebrated for over two millennia with the usual pomp and pageantry associated with it. It is arguably, the most popular religious festival that is celebrated even among non Christians.

During the season of Christmas, commercial activities boom across the world and that has made a lot more people see Christmas as an economic activity than a spiritual exercise.

It is during Christmas that most people put on the best of their clothes, shoes and other paraphernalia and attend church in their numbers. Indeed, most people who are not regulars at church shall attend church service as a normal activity on the 25th of December which is believed to be the birthday of Christ Jesus.

Is that what Christmas really is about? No! There are more to it than the pomp and pageantry that is often times associated with its celebrations.

Mysticism is understood as a form of contact with the divine or transcendent, often comprehended in Christian tradition as involving union with God. Mysticism played an important role in the history of Christian religion and emerged as a living influence in modern times (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2020).

It is this union with God as believed in the Christian religion, is where the other merits of the Christmas celebration comes to the fore and demands some attention.

There are some spiritual benefits attached to the celebration of Christmas and it is this, that Christians who are mystically inclined take advantage off.

To appreciate this, let’s read this nice piece originally written by Angelus Silesius titled the “The Bethlehem Within”:

“Could but my soul, O God,

Become a silent night,

Thou wouldst be born in me,

And set all things aright!

Ah, would my heart but be

A manger for thy birth,

Thou wouldst once more become

A child upon the earth!

Though Christ a thousand times

In Bethlehem be born,

If he’s not born in me,

My soul is all forlorn:

The cross on Golgotha

Will never save my soul;

The cross in my own heart

Alone can make me whole”.

It is the second stanza that I would like to draw most Christians attention to. As we celebrate Christmas every year and so we experience the repeated births of Christ Jesus around this time. It has been so for several years but has Christ be born in you? If no, then you need to reassess how you celebrate Christmas.

Unto us a child is born isn’t a physical birth but a spiritual one which must involve a renewal of spirit for spiritual growth of man to be able to serve in the vineyard of the Lord.

Those who fixed the birth of Christ around 25th December knew what they were about and that shall be discussed in another article, but this is to give you some introductory lessons about the availability of spiritual impulses around this time for you to take advantage off.

For a thousand times if that birth of Christ takes place at about midnight of 24th of every December and not within thyself, thy soul shall be abandoned, miserable, deserted, left behind, lonely etc.

This is the actual reason why, most people celebrate Christmas and apart from the food they eat, the church services and the beaches they attend, they actually don’t necessarily see any benefit of the celebration minus the enjoyment. Most also don’t ask why Christ is born every year and is celebrated?

Because most of us are familiar with the physical and religious ritual of going to church and making merry, most of us haven’t acquainted ourselves with the Christ being born in us.

Some may ask: how is that possible? That birth is in relation to the Christ force which is highly felt around the 24 and the 25th of every December.

If you’ve really prepared to meet the Christ as a Christian, you shall experience that birth within you. You shall fell the impulses of the Christ force. You shall be spiritually enlightened with the Christ force and begin to see and understand things most people cannot.

You shall receive spiritual sight and begin to see beyond the physical. You can foretell what is about to happen and you shall become a proper tool to the service of humanity.

If the year ends and you’ve still not been renewed with the Christ force, then you have another opportunity next year to prepare to meet Him being born again in you.

Be spiritually renewed with this birth and your souls shall rejoice.


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