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Police officer had killed a motor rider around Taifa on the Achimota-Amasaman highwa

Police officer had killed a motor rider around Taifa on the Achimota-Amasaman highwa

Angel News had reported this afternoon that a police officer had killed a motor rider around Taifa on the Achimota-Amasaman highway. According to their reporter, the rider [whose identity is yet to be established] was being pursued by the police officer [name not established] on the highway, only to be kicked to the ground for not complying to his orders. The young man fell to the ground and was run over by a car at his rear killing him instantly. According to eyewitnesses, the motor rider might be speeding off the highway not because he wanted to avoid interrogation or arrest by the police officer.

They say, riders have had several confrontations with police officers on duty on that stretch, adding that there two of these officers who often do that to motor riders. One eyewitness told Angel FM’s reporter that police officer was also riding on a motorbike. He noted that that he [police officer] wasn’t harmed after causing the death of the young man. He got close to the rider and kicked him off his bike. Suddenly, a car speed past and run the rider over. He was crushed. The motor is a new one he had bought and was taking to Amasaman,” he told the reporter.

Another disclosed that the rate of extortion by Police officers on that section of the road is terrible, and that motor riders are always threatened with assault by these officers.

“It is something they do. They will pursue you from Achimota to this area all because they want to extort money from you. Its a highway and no one can stop on that road.”The residents who witnessed how the officer negligently caused the death of the rider stormed the scene and attempted to mob him. It took the reporters intervention for the officer to escape their wrath.

The body of the deceased had been deposited at the morgue and police reinforcement are currently at the scene investigating the matter.

The Deputy News Editor for Angel FM, Patrick Nana Gyenin has gotten his phone smashed by another police officer. According to the reporter, the officer confronted them to stop filming the scene and out of provocation hit Mr. Gyenin’s hand and smashed his phone.his a good brother of my I seriously knows him personally he is a family man with kids 😭😭😭.

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